The objective of pre-sport nutritional strategies is to optimise the availability of carbohydrates, as well as the water supply in the body in preparation for intense and prolonged physical exercise. The consumption of low glycaemic index foods prior to prolonged performance promotes the oxidation of fatty acids during physical activity, which in turn helps with the sustained and slow release of glycogen from the muscles during physical exertion. Controlled use of carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index can lead to a lower risk of reactive hypoglycemia

During physical activity it is important to provide a constant supply of energy to the body in order to increase endurance and reduce fatigue. Use of supplements that include a combination of gradual and rapidly absorbable carbohydrates is recommended. In particular, a mix of fructose and maltodextrin will provide immediate and constant energy over time. Minerals in the form of carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions will replenish losses due to sweating during sports activities.

Energy levels and muscle strain issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible after strenuous exercise, especially if future participation in training sessions or competitions are planned. Supplements used in the recovery period must assist in the rapid recovery of energy reserves, muscle efficiency and hydro-saline deficiencies – which already starts in the first ten minutes after physical activity.