Enervit energy bar 30g ORANGE


Enervit energy bar that can be used before or during performance to supply the body with extra energy. Bar is gluten free.


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Glucose and fructose syrup (38.6%), rice flakes (rice flour, corn flour, sugar, salt) (21.3%), oat flakes (gluten free) (15.8%), raisins (9.6%), maltodextrin, isomaltulose * (5.6%), cocoa butter, flavoring, emulsifier-sunflower lecithin, coloring caramel, citric acid. Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose.

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How to use

Consume 1 energy bar every 30-40 minutes to supply the body with extra energy.
The body needs an average of 40-60mg of carbohydrates per hour for blood sugar to fall below normal. Bar is Gluten Free!

Useful effects

The energy bar contains fast and slow carbohydrates that raise blood sugar quickly and gradually, just at the time you need it.
A decrease in blood glucose levels below the norm may lead to a decrease in performance, concentration.