Enervit Isotonic sport drink 420g ORANGE


Isotonic sports drink powder that balances the body of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins and fluids in the body. Carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions help to maintain endurance and increase water absorption time.

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Sucrose (37.7%) – dextrose (24.5%) – fructose (12%) – Mixture of maltodextrins with different polymerisation classes (maltodextrin DE2, maltodextrin DE6, maltodextrin DE19) (6%) – sodium gluconate – acid: citric acid – aroma spices – rice starch (3%) – concentrated orange juice powder (1%) – potassium gluconate – sodium chloride – thickener: sodium carboxymethylcellulose – dibasic magnesium citrate – anti-caking agent: silica – color: paprika extract, carotenes – L-ascorbic acid – nicotinamide – calcium D-pantothenate – calcium D-pantothenate – calcium-D-pantothenate – riboflavin – Thiamine hydrochloride – cholecalciferol.

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How to use

Add 2 scoops of powder to 500ml of water. Consume 300-500ml of sports drink before exercise to supply the body with energy, vitamins and fluids. While exercising, consume 400-600ml of sports drink in an hour. Maintain the same ratio in case of prolonged effort.

Useful effects

Carbohydrate and electrolytic solutions help to maintain endurance at longer run times and increase water absorption.

  • Thiamine contributes to normal energy-saving metabolism.
  • Niacin helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • Vitamin D helps maintain normal muscle function