Enervit magnesium powder 10x15g LEMON


Enervit MAGNESIUM SPORT is a lemon-flavored magnesium and potassium-rich dietary supplement designed to prevent muscle spasms.


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Sucrose (65.3%) – Citrate of potassium salt (11.1%) – Magnesium citrate (10.5%) – Acidity regulator: citric acid – Sodium citrate – Aroma substances – Thickener: sodium carboxymethylcellulose – Vitamin C – Sweetener: sucralose – Anti-caking agent: carbon dioxide – Coloring agent: Curcumin.

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How to use

Preferably 1 pack per day. Add one pack of 300ml water and mix until the powder dissolves with water. Can also be added to a sports drink.

Useful effects

2 packs contains:

  • 1200mg of potassium, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • 320mg of magnesium, which contributes to normal muscle work.
  • 160mg of vitamin C, which contributes to maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system during and after intense exercise.